Mentor Onboarding Process

Become a Mentor

Interest Form

This initial form lets our staff know of your interest in becoming a mentor. Once you complete this form, you’ll be contacted by a YMI staff member to learn more. Click the button below to get started.

Mentor Interview

Once we’ve received your interest form, you’ll be scheduled for a one-on-one conversation with YMI’s Director of Mentor Development. This allows you to learn more about YMI, mentor expectations, as well as share more about yourself and why you would like to become a mentor.

Mentor Application

If both parties agree it’s a good fit after the mentor interview, you’ll be invited to complete a mentor application. The mentor application is the main tool used to create a thoughtful, strong match between mentor and mentee. The unique link will be provided to you following your mentor interview.

Safe Visitor Background Check

Safety of our mentors and mentees is incredibly important. As a program taking place within HSE Schools, all mentors must complete the District’s Safe Visitor Background Check. The SafeVisitor background check process usually takes 3-5 business days. The cost is $16. If cost is a barrier to you, please contact us to discuss options. Once completed, the background check is valid for three years. After receiving approval from HSE Schools, please forward your badge and expiration date to the Director of Mentor Development. Click here to start the Safe Visitor application.

Invitation to Training

Onboarding mentors are required to attend a one-hour in-person training before being considered for a match. This training offers information about YMI students, discusses policies of the program, and prepares mentors for their first match meeting.


Once all the steps above are completed, you are ready to be matched with a student! YMI will consider your application, interest, and availability to make the best match we can with a student based on their onboarding materials as well.

“My time with YMI has been a wonderfully rewarding opportunity to connect with a student and watch her grow and develop into a confident, happy young woman. Once a shy, self-conscious 6th grader, this soon-to-be high school senior has blossomed more than I could have imagined. We talk about the early years of our relationship and how she has grown, challenged herself and overcome many obstacles. I can’t express how much I enjoy her company! And how proud I am of her!”

– Mentor