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Invest in our community today to create a better tomorrow. YMI invites you to join other local businesses by supporting youth mentoring in Fishers.

YMI has partnered with the Hamilton Southeastern Schools to provide a dynamic and effective mentoring program that focuses on the personal development of students in grades 5-12. WHY SUPPORT YMI? Youth Mentoring Initiative is uniquely positioned to impact the following:

FOR YOUTH: Students who have been through the YMI mentorship program experience increased self-confidence and an improved sense of self-worth, a better understanding of accountability and social responsibility, improved communication skills particularly in identifying and dealing with emotions, academic improvement and healthier social interactions with peers.

FOR SCHOOLS: Mentored students are more productive in school and report an increased sense of self-worth and accountability. Additionally, having an engaged commmunity of mentors offers the schools more support – including providing support for students whose specific needs are not always met through current programs and services that the school alone can provide.

FOR THE COMMUNITY: Engaged, socially responsible individuals who are invested in the future and success of Fishers helps to reduce the number of high school dropouts (creating less financial strain on the community). Also, as more adults engage on a regular basis with our youth, younger people feel valued and appreciated as members of the community.