Meet Amy Crell

Hi, my name is Amy Crell.  I am excited to be joining YMI as the Event Planner for our annual fundraising breakfast.  I am honored to be involved with such a worthwhile and meaningful cause!  This year In addition to a delicious breakfast menu, we will be featuring...

What kids really want.

I came across this video on Facebook. It reminds us of what really matters. Sometimes other adults need to step in and fill the gap to provide what kids really want. Relationships. Watch and be encouraged. Click here to watch the video  
A life changed

A life changed

A quick story from a YMI mentor- My mentee of two years was not social and had problems in school. He felt “he didn’t fit in”, isolated himself and did not have any ideas for his future. Today he shared a few things. He is involved in a few activities at school, has...