My mentor has had a huge impact on my life. Until Shellie, I never had a good female role model to look up to. She is someone that I know i can always talk to about whatever i need. She has especially helped me with big decisions in my life like college. Without Shellie I probably wouldn’t even be enrolled in college right now. Having a mentor has helped me see more good in the world. I think the fact that someone from the community would take time out of their schedule to come and meet with kids that at first they didn’t even know is awesome.

I definitely look forward to meeting with Shellie every week. I get to talk to her about everything that is going on, and ask her advise when I need it. I think having a mentor is going to help me a lot in the future. I’ll for sure have a college education because of Shellie helping me make the decision to start my core classes at Ivy Tech. Also I know that I will always have someone to go to if I ever need to talk. This mentoring program has introduced me to someone that I can definitely see being a mentor and friend for life.